It’s that time of year again. Time to wrap up the year that was, and celebrate with friends, family and work functions. Here are some tips and tricks to get us through the silly season, without compromising our goals.

11. Never go to a social event hungry!

A boiled egg or two, some vegetable sticks or a small handful or nuts an hour or so beforehand works wonders. You’ll get around 10g of protein and around 3-5g fibre, with some good fats to keep you feeling full. Less temptation to dive right in.

10. Dinner at a restaurant?

Be sure to Google the menu and plan what you’re going to eat before you get there. This will ensure you are thinking about your macros and keeping your calories somewhat in check.

9. Make sure you stay hydrated through the day.

Then upon arriving to the event, choose sparkling water / water as your first drink. So when you grab the wine or glass of bubbles, you will sip it slower.

8. Ensure you have a satisfying lunch

(or whatever meal that is before) Filled with a good amount of protein and healthy fats, loading up on your favourite low carb veggies!

7. Pick your favourite spirit with a low carb mixer.

e.g. Vodka and soda, Whiskey and soda. You get the drift… anything with soda essentially.

6. Sip Sparkling water in between drinks and nibbles.

If you have chosen not to drink, and it’s a cocktail event, it’s more comfortable when you have a glass in your hand (and actually harder to eat gracefully as well!) Sparkling water gives you that little “special” feeling with zero calories or carbs.

5. Whatever you are eating – eat slow.

Consciously chew your food, appreciate the taste and keep a mental track of how much you are eating – being mindful of this is the key to not blowing out your hard efforts at one event.

4. Now this may seem odd, but hold your drink in your dominant hand.

You are less likely to grab the foods going by on trays, if you are at a cocktail party.

3. Focus on the company

Whether it’s a work event or social – focus on the people that are there. Who do you admire, can learn from, enjoy talking to or just having fun with? The food should be just a very small part of the overall experience. What do you want to gain from attending the event?

2. Serving yourself at a buffet style event – dangerous territory.

First go have a look at what is on offer, before lining up if you can. This avoids you feeling pressured to choose quickly, when others are following you in the line. Fill your plate with the amount of food you would usually eat at home, it’s easy to get carried away. Stick to the lean protein options (meat skewers), low carb vegetables and salads, and some cheese and/or olives, and don’t, I repeat DON’T go back for seconds or thirds.

1. Lastly and most importantly!

Remember how great it feels to wake up tomorrow knowing that you treated yourself really well and are on track to achieve your goals. This means your next workout will not be a struggle to get back to square one or ‘working off’ what you ate at the event, rather another step towards your goals. Remember your priorities.

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