Meal Prep can often be a vital part of staying on track with your nutritional goals. Often the foods available to grab on-the-go will be loaded with carbs and sugar and not much protein, so it’s often much better to spend the time prepping your own meals and snacks.

Here at The Protein Bread Co, we like to cook a batch of Sweet or Savoury Protein Muffins and a loaf of Protein Bread on a Sunday night so we are ready for the week. See below our top 8 tips for making meal prep easy.


1) Get Your Groceries Delivered

A friend who has just had a baby got me onto this – and it’s so convenient whether you have a newborn or not. I’ve only used Coles Online so far – so let me know if you have used them before or have another favourite.

The first order is the longest, but after that it keeps your favourites and makes it super easy to get all your usuals, and then anything else you might need. Just order whenever you have 10 minutes down time.

Delivery isn’t even that expensive, and totally worth it for the convenience and time saved.


2) Buy Pre-Cut Veggies/Meat

I’ve discovered this is a huge time saver too. I really feel like it cuts half the cooking time when you can just chuck it in the pan ready to go, rather then spending the time peeling and chopping.

Only problem is the excess packaging (and sometimes excess price) that can come with it – so might not be an every week purchase, but definitely handy during those super busy times.

3) Keep It Interesting

If you’re just making the same recipes over and over, you’ll find your interest slipping and you won’t be putting as much effort into it. Just spending 10 minutes having a look around for new recipes could make your cooking time seem so much more interesting.

And the more interesting you find something, the more time you’ll be willing to put into it. It’s a mindset thing!


4) Use the Same Recipes

I know this goes against the last point, but if you’re super stuck for time one week doing a recipe you’ve made before a million times before will save you time because you’ll know exactly what you’re doing.


5) Get Some Decent Containers

Investing in some good containers can be great. Not only will the new shiny boxes make your meals look great, but better quality containers will keep food for longer, meaning you won’t be throwing out as much.


6) Cut Down on Washing Up

Recipes that only use one pot or pan are THE BEST. Washing up takes far too long, so if you cut down on the pots and pans you use, you save yourself so much time. This goes for chopping boards, knives, spoons etc as well. Just flip the chopping board or give the spoon a quick rinse to reuse them (but clearly not when you’re cutting up meat…).


7) Consider Using or Buying a Slow Cooker

Whoever invented these is brilliant. Chuck all the ingredients in, turn it on, go enjoy your day and come home to a perfectly cooked meal? Yes please.

8) Know How Long a Meal Will Last

Does anyone else hate wasting food? Making something to have it spoiled before you even get to it is so frustrating.

Be aware of how long a specific meal will last – a salad will not always stay fresh for a whole week, so eat that at the beginning of the week and save baked or cooked meals for later.

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