After chasing the corporate dollar for over two decades, I discovered the return on investment I get from helping people become fit and healthy is more than money can buy.

Nickname: Jase
Age: 46
Hometown: Sydney
Sports: Ultra Endurance Events, Mountain Biking, Cycling, Rock Climbing
Favourite Food: Ricotta Pancakes topped with crispy bacon, caramelised banana and real Canadian maple syrup.


My time spent in the corporate world of finance, information solutions and data analytics taught me that to deliver successful projects requires teamwork, collaboration and clearly defined goals. The same approach I now apply to delivering effective and efficient training sessions for clients.

I’m passionate about ultra-endurance events and being actively involved in health and fitness initiatives within the local community. I host a free weekly run club every Wednesday night in Sydney with Pace Athletic Rozelle and Balmain Sports Medicine, helping people discover the same enjoyment I get from running and regularly volunteer as a sweeper for ultramarathons around Australia, a wonderful opportunity to give back to a community that has taught me so much about myself.

Sweeping is not an easy task, it’s both physically and mentally taxing. Your primary role is ensuring the safety of participants and making sure the last runner crosses the finish line, but you also get to share in the race experience. I find it immensely rewarding to play a part in helping people push beyond their limits and achieve the extraordinary.

I strongly believe that training the mind is just as critical as training the body and I have successfully used exercise to overcome a number of personal barriers, including managing depression, learning that a strong, healthy body makes it easier to support a clear, focused mind.

Just some of the events I have completed include:

  • Motatapu Adventure Race – 49km – New Zealand
  • Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam – 145km – Bright, VIC
  • Hounslow Classic Ultra – 70km & 21Km – Blackheath, NSW
  • Great North Walk 100 – 176km – Teralba to Patonga, Central Coast NSW
  • The North Face 100 (now UTA100) – 100km – Blue Mountains, NSW
  • Coastal Classic – 29km – Otford to Bundeena, NSW
  • Various Spartan, Tough Mudder, half-marathon and charity running events around Australia
  • ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ Night Sweats – A continuous 6 hour, midnight to dawn, intensive bootcamp experience.
  • ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ The Longest Day – A continuous 25-hour event created to give civilians an insight into the level of physical and mental fortitude required to endure Special Forces selection training without having to commit to military service.
  • ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ Hell Week – A week-long series of intensive bootcamps, 6 x 90-minute training sessions, designed to test you physically and mentally.

Career Highlights

Completing my first ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ The Longest Day 25 hour event – this was very shortly after losing a close friend and training partner so the event holds a particularly special place in my heart.

My first ultramarathon. The 49km Motatapu Adventure Race in New Zealand. This was also the moment I fell in love with alpine ultra endurance running.

Kissing the post at the finish the Great North Walk 100, my first 100 mile ultramarathon, on the central coast of NSW Australia. It took three attempts (over three years) to complete it and the feeling of accomplishment was only outweighed by the out-of-body experience that you encounter by pushing far beyond those barriers you once thought impossible.

Meeting my best mate and now business partner, David “DJ” Jones, through ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP in late 2010. DJ introduced me to ultra running and together we have run in excess of 6,000 km together in ultramarathon and endurance events.

Upcoming Events

  • Ragnar Trail Relay – October 2018
  • A self supported ultra run from Blackheath to Mittagong NSW
  • Sweeping for numerous Mountain Sports events including ANZAC Day Challenge, Glow Worm Trail Marathon and Hounslow Classic.
  • GSER 100 – scheduled for 2019

How did you get into Ultra Running?

My best mate DJ introduced me to it. We had begun as “recruits” at ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP at roughly the same time. After learning that I regularly took part in mountain bike enduro racing (100km) events he suggested that I give this ultra running thing a go. Until that time the furthest I’d ever completed was a half marathon, on road!

Our first ultramarathon together was a 49km alpine adventure run in New Zealand called the Motatapu. It took us 13 hours to complete it and we were the last to cross the finish line (out of a field of 40) but I knew in that instant that I was hooked. After that our event distances just kept getting longer. 49km became 80km. 80km became 100km. Then came the Miler or in the metric scale 160km or more. Ultra running is like that, addictive!

What have you found to be the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Never try anything new on race day! If you haven’t used it, in anger, during your training… leave it at home on race day.

This includes new fuel or gear, which sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get tempted by those new fancy pair of shoes you bought at the expo or the free shirt you got in your race goodie bag or those delicious looking bars at the supermarket that seem like a great idea when you’re out buying groceries.

It means don’t eat or drink something you haven’t tested in training either before or during your event. If you’ve never eaten a toasted ham and cheese sandwich before a training run, don’t eat one before your race. If you’ve never taken a gel during a training run, don’t take the gel they’re handing out on the course and don’t be tempted to try a new flavour of a product that you’ve used during training on race day.

What’s next on the cards for Jase Cronshaw?

Focusing on building our coaching business V&B Athletic and helping people to go beyond their impossible and become fit, healthy and happy!

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