The Protein Life

We’ve done a recent blog post on protein and why it is so beneficial (if you haven’t read it, check it out here), but what are the best sources of protein for those practising a vegetarian or vegan diet? We hear a lot about meat, eggs and dairy being important sources of protein, and it is… View Article
Let’s take a look at some key definitions first, in order to understand what Protein really means to the human body. Macronutrient: a VITAL Nutrient required by the body, to provide life and to function efficiently. There are 5 Macro Nutrients; Water, Fibre, Carbs, Fats and PROTEIN. We MUST consume ALL 5 in order to… View Article
We recently told you about the new Health Star Rating (HSR) system that will be introduced not only to our packaging, but any food products that choose to display it in Australia. It is a rating system that shows the nutritional benefits of a food product with stars; the more stars, the more nutritious. It… View Article