For many people, having a low carb Christmas seems impossible and gaining a few kilos is a bit of an unwanted yearly tradition. Let’s be honest though, the excitement of everything that a new year brings is enough without having to worry about any additional weight you’ve gained over the silly season.

So how can you avoid it? It’s actually quite easy to either continue moving towards your goals (or at least maintain where you’re at) and start the New Year with a positive bang! Even if you only maintain where you’re at, that’s much better than a step backwards and the power of knowing you stayed strong over the holidays is worth so much more.

So where do I start for my Low Carb Christmas?

Staying on track is difficult enough as it is, let alone when you throw Christmas and New Years celebrations into the mix! So how can you stay on track? Try these tips:

Low Carb Christmas - Snacks

Enjoy a healthy snack first to prevent overeating

Enjoy a small snack before you head out to your work Christmas party.

This way you’ll be less likely to go over-board on the snacks available to you there! And if you’re ever in doubt just follow the three golden rules: 1. Eat your proteins first, 2. Stay hydrated and 3. Enjoy yourself! Getting your proteins in first means you’ll already have food in your stomach before eyeing off any carbs, and staying hydrated is such a significant (and underrated) general tip for health and well being. But let’s not forget what this time of year is all about, enjoying yourself! So have fun 🙂

Low Carb Christmas - Healthy Alternatives

Healthier alternatives

Find healthier alternatives to your favourites!

It seems simple enough but there will always be a holiday around the corner to test your willpower (Christmas, vacations, easter, halloween etc…). So the secret is to not limit yourself to perceived healthy options that are bland and tasteless, why not try some eggplant lasagne, or delicious cauliflower rice? Not only are they healthy for you, but they also leave you feeling full and satisfied. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out for a list of 20 low carb substitutes that don’t suck.

Low Carb Christmas - Alcohol Intake

Watch the alcohol intake

Try to avoid alcohol or keep it to a minimum if you can.

If you do enjoy a drink, stick to red or white wine, even a spirit such as gin or vodka with a sugar free mixer. Avoiding beer and flavoured liqueurs (which are higher in carbs) is the key.

Low Carb Christmas

Low carb Christmas options

Luckily a lot of the traditional Christmas food is also friendly to the waist.

Turkey and vegetables for example is easily available to you and can guarantee a great feast! Just try to avoid the starchy carbs like potatoes and/or stuffing, as they will leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. Try making a few low carb dessert options too such as, chocolate raspberry stuffed crepes or low carb banana bread!

Low Carb Christmas - Distract Yourself

Distract yourself from food

When you have finished eating, consciously move yourself away from the food table.

Focus on socialising and participating in party activities, like dancing, which not only burns a few extra calories by keeping the body moving but gives you chance to show off those dance moves! Anything active like backyard cricket, table tennis or swimming is great too, as long as you keep yourself distracted and moving you can’t go wrong.

Keeping yourself accountable

The most difficult part of sticking to your health goals over the holiday season (or indeed anytime really!) is the mental aspect. A lot of us just accept that over Christmas we’ll put on a few extra kilos, however changing your mindset on this will help keep you driven and accountable. Just keep telling yourself that you CAN and WILL do it!! Try finding a friend or family member who you can do this with so that you can keep each other accountable.

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