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Low Carb Blackberry and Lemon Ricotta Muffins

By Joanne Salerno  ,

July 25, 2017

A little bit fancy 😉  not really hehe. These Low Carb Blackberry and Lemon Ricotta Muffins are super low in carbs, at 3.4g per muffin. Perfect when heated in the microwave 30-40 seconds, then brought back to your desk with your coffee.


1 packet of Protein Muffin Mix

3 eggs

250ml almond milk

200g ricotta

1 lemon (for juice and zest)

200g of frozen blackberries microwaved for 45 seconds (keep some to decorate, optional)

Teasp of sweetener (optional)

1 teasp cinnamon.

2 teasp Vanilla extract.


How to make the Lemon Ricotta

1Mix together: 200g ricotta, 1 teaspoon choice of sweetener of choice, vanilla essence, lemon zest, Squeeze half a lemon (juice) cinnamon, and 50ml milk The added milk helps the ricotta mix into a smooth consistency that you can swirl and mix through the muffin mix

2Bowl 1 - Pour Protein Muffin Mix into a large bowl

3Bowl 2 - Mix the egg and milk together (200ml almond milk + 3 eggs)

4Combine Bowl 1+2 mix well then fold in the Lemon Ricotta, then the black berries.

5Spoon out evenly into muffin wraps.

6Decorate with extra berries.


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size97
Total Fat12.3
Saturated Fat3.5
Total Carbohydrates3.4

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