For when you’re short on time for meal prep, these supermarket snacks each give you a decent serve of protein, but without all the chemically ingredients you often find in ‘high protein’ snacks. Don’t worry, tinned tuna not included. By in-house Nutritionist Melissa Fine.


  1. Chia Co Cacao Dark Chia Pod

A great grab-and-go option, this flavour is the highest in protein of all the flavours, and in my opinion, the tastiest too. The cacao and chia have been combined with creamy almond milk and caramelly coconut sugar, so this tastes like a healthified chocolate pudding, and a great option if you’re vegan or dairy free. The high fibre chia gel ups the filling factor too.

Protein per serve (17og pod): 5.0g
Protein per 100g: 2.9g
Cacao Chia Pod



  1. The Happy Snack Company Roasted FAV-VA Beans

If you’re craving the saltiness and crunch of crisps but don’t want a massive carb load (and really, who ever eats the recommended serving size with chips? It’s teeny!), you’ll love this option. There’s some fibre in these babies too, which will help fill you up along with the protein.

This brand does roasted chickpeas – another great option which tastes just as good – but I’ve included the fava beans here as they’ve got a bit more protein. Love the portion controlled snack packs too; keep a couple handy in your desk draw, hand bag or gym bag for when you need a little something to tide you over.

Protein per serve (25g packet): 6.1g
Protein per 100g: 24.3g
The Happy Snack Company Fav-va Beans



3. Chobani Natural Yoghurt 

Yoghurt isn’t typically high in protein, but Chobani sets itself apart from the rest with a whopping 16.5g protein per single serve tub! That’s around the same amount of protein that you’ll get in a protein shake, and twice the protein of most yoghurts on the market. Warning though, this stuff is tart! The flavoured varieties have around double the amount of sugar of this natural, unsweetened one, so I like to flavour this myself with things like cinnamon, berries or a teaspoon of natural peanut butter.

Protein per serve (170g tub): 16.5g
Protein per 100g: 9.7g
Snacking on high protein Chobani

My go-to office snack 🙂


  1. Mayver’s Peanut Butter

Did you know that of all the nut butters, natural peanut butter is the highest in protein? Ok so we’re not suggesting you eat a whole jar in one sitting, but adding a tablespoon of this peanut butter to your snack can be an easy way to up its protein content for a more balanced, satiating (and tasty!) snack. Some snacks I like to pair my peanut butter with:

  • Veggie crudites – try capsicum, celery, carrot or cucumber
  • Half a punnet of strawberries
  • Apple slices (peanut butter + a Pink Lady or sour green apple = awesome)
  • 1 slice toasted Protein Bread
  • Single-serve tub of Natural Chobani (I add cinnamon too)
  • A couple squares 85-90% dark chocolate…do it!
Protein per serve (20g tablespoon): 4.8g
Protein per 100g: 24.2g
Mayver's Peanut Butter


  1. Think Food Pumpkin Seed Munch

Slightly sweet, slightly salty, this one’s Jo from The Protein Bread Co’s favourite little snack to have with a cuppa tea. While most commercial nut and seed bars have a long list of ingredients (many of which sound like they came from a lab), the Munch range keeps things short and sweet. Pumpkin seeds make up 85% of the product, which explains the impressive protein content and why this bite-sized snack isn’t sickly sweet.

There’s also only 10.1g of sugar per 100g, and 2.5g of sugar per serve (about half a teaspoon, and mostly from rice malt); this is on the lower side, with similar products having around double the amount of sugar per 100g. There are other yummy flavours in the range too, but this one’s the highest in protein.

Protein per serve (25g – 5 pieces): 7.6g
Protein per 100g: 30.2g
Pumpkin Seed Munch


Any other wholesome, higher protein snacks you like from the supermarket? Let us know! 

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